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Flat Roofing Service in Allen, TX

We offer flat roofing in Allen, TX for homes and businesses. Our experts will help you build a robust, long-lasting flat roof. We'll build a durable roof with our high-quality materials and experienced labor. Flat roofs are energy-efficient and easy to maintain. Let's learn more about our flat roofing services!

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Flat Roof Conversions: Changing Roof Styles

Are you thinking about changing your roof style? Our flat roofing service can help you convert your existing roof into a sleek and modern flat roof. In a consultation, our staff will examine your roofing needs and help you choose the finest materials and design for your new flat roof. Next, we will carefully remove your old roof while protecting your property from any damage. Our experienced roofers will then install your new flat roof using top-quality materials and techniques. After installation, we'll clean up and remove existing roof debris. Lastly, our team will conduct a final inspection to make sure your new flat roof is properly installed and meets your expectations.

Green Roof Replacement
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Flat Roof Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Our flat roofing service can help you save money on your energy bills by using proper insulation, reflective surfaces, and green roofing options. Additionally, we can install a reflective coating on your flat roof that reflects sunlight and helps reduce heat absorption, keeping your building cooler.

Repairing Common Flat Roof Problems

Flat roofs can sometimes develop problems that need to be fixed. Our flat roofing service can help you with repairs like these:

Leaks: We can find and fix any leaks in your flat roof to prevent water damage.

Ponding water: Our team can address issues with water pooling on your roof, which can lead to leaks and damage.

Cracks and splits: We can repair cracks and splits in your flat roof to make sure it stays strong and durable.

Damaged flashing: We can fix or replace damaged flashing to keep your roof watertight and secure.

Choose our flat roofing service in Allen, TX for all your flat roof needs. From new installations to repairs and conversions, we've got you covered. Contact us today to for all your flat roofing needs!

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